I came to knife making by a circuitous route over 40 years in the steel industry in and around Sheffield supplying various steels over the years for knife applications.

In the 70s I had a request from a Norwegian knife maker for 3-ply laminated steels which was then known as ‘compound iron and steel’ where the rolling mill that employed me produced the steel. At that time, we produced compound iron and steel sheets for making mouldboards for plough manufacturers. 100 kgs of this steel was made by reversing the layers of plough mouldboards to a composition of AISI 1010/AISI 1095/ AISI 1010 and was rolled as sheet 5 – 6 mm thick. Turning plough shares into swords no less!

The knife maker based the Kristiansand / Vest-Agder area of Norway was so pleased with the material received from England that he sent me the knife as a thank you, which I still use to this day.

I made my first knife 8 years ago in Damasteel and have used various steels since then in order to understand how they perform. In a professional capacity I sell knife steels to custom makers from steel mills based in Sweden, Japan, Europe and the USA.
I have also forged blades in France and made Mokume Gane in the UK. Most of work to date has been in fixed blades and friction folders. Current projects include slip joint folders and fixed blades in stainless steels and other alloys. I enjoy working with makers to solve problems, open new markets or source materials new to them.

My maker’s mark is based on the name of the land-locked island where I live in North Lincolnshire.